The Drawn Narrative – NEW CLASS!

The Drawn Narrative – tell your story with pictures. New Wednesday evening class at North Penn High School – 8 fun classes – register on line now at   Just go to Spring 2018 and click on that for the next step.  Look for The Drawn Narrative in the list and register.

The class will c26904270_810612822480566_364016511095189237_nover a broad range of topics, the history, the how to. writing, drawing, painting, inspiration, traditional and modern methods. Bring a sketchbook to class.

If you could make pictures from your words or a story that you read what would it be like?

Do you even know how to begin?  Caroline Niesley will teach you how and provide plenty of information along the way.  Learning to illustrate your story or add a drawing or sketch to a journal helps you tell your story.

For it is said “a picture is worth a thousand words” whether it be a comic a story or a concept, drawing the narrative helps enhance what you are trying to say.

We will look at the history of the drawn narrative and how you can go about making


your own story come to life. Writing, drawing and painting along with inspiration will enhance what you are trying to say.

Both traditional methods and modern methods will be discussed in the classes, so grab a pencil, pen, and a sketchbook and join us for  The Drawn Narrative. 


Registration for this class and all of our classes, is at   Just go to Spring 2018 and click on that for the next step.  Look for The Drawn Narrative in the list and register.  For our other evening classes, look for the phrase Arts Alliance in the Instructor column.


Arts & Crafts Step
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Spring is coming and so are our Spring Art Classes. Registration is Open.

Spring is not far away and we are offering several art classes for all ages. Our evening classes are geared for young and old alike, while our Saturday classes are geared for students looking to learn and have fun at the same time. Registration for each class is available at   Just go to Spring 2018 and click on that for the next step. 

Spring 2018 Classes


Note that the list of class categories are on the left after you click Spring 2018,              “Arts and Crafts” will list the Adult evening classes and “Just for Kids” will list our Saturday classes.

Below is a list of all the classes that the North Penn Arts Alliance is offering.


Multi Media: Grades K – 4

Instructor: Cecelia Zisk, Susan Schneider,NPAA

8 weeks

Start Date: 3/3/18 to 5/12/18 No Class 3/31/18 & 4/21/18

Day/Time: Saturday, 9 AM- 10:30 AM

Fee: $117

Description:  Let us help nurture your young artist’s creativity and introduce basic elements of art through exciting projects in a variety of materials from works on paper to three-dimensional. All skill levels welcome. Fee includes materials.

Multi Media: Grades 5-8

Instructor: Cecelia Zisk, Susan Schneider, NPAA

8 Weeks

Start Date: 3/3/18 to 5/12/18 No Class 3/31/18 & 4/21/18

Day/ Time: Saturday, 11AM –12:30 PM

Fee: $117

Description: Your young artist or budding master will find the guidance, experience and fun they are looking for in our newly designed multi media class. Projects will include a variety of materials which may include paints, markers, collage, printmaking and three dimensional. All skill levels welcome. Fee includes materials.

Cartooning – Ages 6-18

Instructor: Caroline Neisley,NPAA

8 weeks

Day/Time:  Saturday, 9-10:30AM

Start Date: 3/3/18 to 5/5/18 No Class on 3/31/18 & 4/21/18

Fee: $117

Description:  Learn about penciling, inking, materials, Manga & American character design, action poses, storytelling, drawing & making comics. Fee includes materials

Introduction to Drawing: Ages 6-10

Instructor: Dan Fione, NPAA

4 weeks

Start Date:  3/3/18 to 3/24/18

Day/Time: Saturday, 9AM – 10:30AM

Fee: $62

Description: This class will teach young artists basic drawing skills; line, tonal values, composition and basic perspective.  Taught by a professional illustrator.  Fee includes materials.

Intermediate Drawing for Kids: Ages 10 & up

Instructor: Dan Fione, NPAA


Start Date:  3/3/18 to 3/24/18

Day/Time: Saturday, 11AM-12:30PM

Fee: $62

Description: Students will continue  learning drawing techniques;  line, tonal value, composition, perspective and proportions from a professional illustrator. Some previous drawing experience helpful but not required. Fee includes materials.

Oil/ Acrylics–Age 10-Adult

Instructor: William Letvenko, NPAA

10 weeks.

Start Date:  3/3/18 to 5/12/18 No Class 3/31/18 & 4/21/18

Time: 11AM-1PM

Fee: $123

Description: Beginning and skilled artists will learn basic oil painting techniques, color theory, composition and rules of perspective. Parents are required to attend the first class with school-aged children to get information regarding materials needed. Fee includes one canvas board.


 Multi Media- Age 15 -Adult

Instructor: Barbara Moss Buscher, NPAA

Day / Time:Tuesday. 7 – 9 PM, 10 weeks.

 Start Date: 3/6/18 to 5/8/18

Fee: $123

Description: Not sure what medium you are interested in? This class is for you.  Experience new and different mediums, which may include pen & ink, printmaking, watercolor, collage, fabric arts, sculpture and more, you will create original works of art.

A $40 materials fee will be payable to instructor on first night of class. Please bring pencil and notepaper to class.

Drawing with Confidence

Instructor: Caroline Niesley, NPAA

Day / Time:Monday. 7 – 9 P,  10 weeks.

Start Date: 3/5/18 to 5/14/18  No Class 4/2/18

Fee: $123

Description: All levels welcome! All mediums, personal instruction at your own pace without pressure, relax and see your skills improve. Geared to all interests. Please bring pencil and paper to first class. Supply list will be discussed in first class.

Watercolor –  Age 15 – Adult

Instructor: Barbara Moss Buscher, NPAA

Day/Time: Monday, 7-9P, 10 weeks.

Start Date: 3/5/18 to 5/14/18 No Class 4/2/18

Fee: $123

Description: To paint with watercolor is to learn relationships between paint, water, brush, & paper. Specific exercises in color theory will enhance your knowledge and comfort with color. Learn basic composition using a variety of subject matter, including your own photos, still life, and your imagination, experiment with various painting techniques.  Bring pencil & paper to classes. All levels welcome with individual attention given to every student A $70 materials fee payable to instructor at first class. Registration due by ____________, so supplies may be ordered. Returning students will explore new techniques and work with their personal interests.

Oil/ Acrylics–Age 15-Adult

Instructor: William Letvenko, NPAA

Day/Time: Tuesday 7-9:15 PM.

9 Weeks

Start Date: 3/6/18 to 5/8/18

Fee: $123

Description: Beginning and skilled artists will learn basic oil painting techniques, color theory, composition and rules of perspective. Parents are required to attend the first class with school-aged children to get information regarding materials needed. Fee includes one canvas board.

The Drawn Narrative – NEW CLASS!

Instructor:  Caroline Niesley, NPAA

Day/Time: Wednesday, 7-9 PM,

8 Weeks

Start Date: 3/7/18 to 5/2/18 No Class 3/28/18

Description: Telling stories with pictures. Class covers a broad range of topics; the history, the how to, writing, drawing, painting, inspiration, traditional and modern methods. Bring a sketch book to class.


Save the Dates – 30th Anniversary Art Show

Here is pertinent information regarding our upcoming 30th Anniversary Show! It is the beginning of a partnership opportunity with the NPAA and the Borough of North Wales. We’ll have space there for shows, special events, Make Art Monday’s (beginning on March 19th) and NPAA workshops. The space is 2-3 rooms an addition to the church built in  1972. Parking and handicap access is available and we can use the lovely sanctuary for our awards ceremony.
LM Cliff Hanger - Color
Last Year’s Best of Show  “Cliff Hanger”  by Lee Muslin
LOCATION:  St. Luke’s Church Community Annex, 125 N. Main Street, North Wales, PA  19454
  1. Tuesday, April 3rd from 3-8pm – Delivery of art
  2. Wednesday morning, April 4th – Hanging of show. Jurying will be done that afternoon/evening beginning at approximately 5pm.
  3. Thursday, finishing touches and time to compile and complete our show catalog.
  4. Friday, April 6th, show opens its doors at 11am.
  5. Friday, April 6th, 6:30 – 9pm: the public is invited to our Opening reception with food and beverages, live music and awards ceremony at 7:30pm.
  6. Saturday April 7 thru Sunday April 15, Show continues, with hours from 11-5. It is very important that members sign up to sit the show in 2-hour shifts!
  7. END of SHOW, RAFFLES and PICK-UP:  at 4-pm, raffle winners and people’s choice awards will be announced. Immediately afterwards, art can be checked out and picked up until 7pm.5pm, show closes.
  8. ADDITIONAL PICK-UP DAY:  Monday, April 16th from 3-6pm!!!
Other details to follow in CFE, but here are some highlights:
  1. We can once again accommodate larger works up to 48 inches plus framing.
  2. We can accommodate many 3-D pieces without the use of a base, with a long line of low cabinets along the walls.
  3. Since it is a special Anniversary Show we would like to hang your previous Best of Show pieces. These would not be juried and may or may not be available for sale.

Make Art Monday – Pen & Ink

On February 19th for “Make Art Monday” a two hour session of creating art and meeting new friends. tonight we will be working with pen & ink. Many of us use the modern gel pens or felt tip markers which are considered in the “pen & ink” category , but have you ever worked with a dip pen? This is a metal nib inserted into a holder and then the nib is dipped into the ink and used to draw. We will be providing the pens and the ink & paper for tonight’s project, you provide the imagination.

This evening we will be working in the “Parlor” which is near the Art Wall in the narthex (lobby) of St. Peter’s.

Cost for the evening is $7.00.

Knapp Farm
“Knapp Farm” by Ed Kane using a cut quill.




Kass Morin Freeman to Speak at February meeting

The monthly meeting of the North Penn Arts Alliance on February 7th at the Lansdale Public Library will have a special presentation by NPAA member Kass Morin Freeman.

Kass is the recipient of more than one hundred regional, national & international awards in watercolor. Her work has been featured in six books, and twice in International Artists magazine. Starting out, her major love was metal sculpture and she feels that this affection for hard-edged shapes in space has often influenced the subjects that she chooses for her watercolors.

She says: “Since early childhood I have been fascinated by the faces of people, especially their expression as they are engaged in some activity.” The storytelling quality of a picture is important to her, as is the light and shadow across a form and how the shapes are defined by the atmosphere and the “feel of the air” surrounding them. Kass attended Moore College of Art & Design and The Tyler School of Fine Art.

This evening, Kass will be bringing several of her watercolors and will be talking to us about how her process lead to the finished pieces.  So please join us on February 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the Lansdale Public Library 301 Vine Street, Lansdale, PA.

What happens in the Moravian Tile Works?

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the walls of the Moravian Tile Works? Did you know that it is on the National Historic Register and that it is maintained as a “working history” museum by Pennsylvania’s County of Bucks, Department of Parks and Recreation? Did you know that NPAA member Julianna Lange works there?

Moravian Tile Works 3

Join us on January 3rd at the Lansdale Public Library, 301 Vine St., Lansdale at 7:00 p.m to learn some of the secrets of the factory and the tiles created by Henry Mercer. Julianna is a professional Ceramic Artist and currently works at the Moravian Tile Factory. Julianna has studied in Italy and other places around the world to learn as much as she can about clay and different ways to create ceramics. Tonight’s presentation will be primarily on the Tile Works and the designs of the tiles created by Henry Mercer who also created Fonthill and the Mercer Museum which houses his large collection of antique tools and trade goods.

Then if you are interested, on January 13th, we will be traveling to the Moravian Tile Works and at 10:00 a.m. we will get an exclusive tour by non-other than Julianna Lange.



Help Us Celebrate 30 years on “Giving Tuesday”

This Tuesday November 28th is “Giving Tuesday” a day set aside to give to the charities and non-profits of your choice. We  are also celebrating  30 years of encouraging artists and arts enthusiasts to Learn, Grow, Network & Create in a supportive environment.

Wow! Thirty years for a small non-profit arts organization in the North Penn Area. That is an accomplishment. Other organizations have come and gone but we the North Penn Arts Alliance have continued with our mission these past thirty years. What better way than to give back to the organization that has provided monthly meetings with informative presentations, workshops or fun gatherings, along with field trips to museums and this past year we have been doing “Make Art Mondays”, than by giving back. We started on our Facebook non-profit page a “Give 30 for 30” campaign which means to give $30 in honor of the 30 years that we have been helping artists in the North Penn Area. You can go to Facebook at Fundraiser for North Penn Arts Alliance , it has my name in the title (because it was requested by Facebook) but the donations do go the NPAA, if you don’t want to go that way we will always accept your check. However Facebook & the Gates foundation will double all contributions made through the Facebook page on “Giving Tuesday”

Make Art Monday’s Fun for All

I  think of art as a glue, a cultural and social glue. It’s one of the means that has served to show us the things we believe in and the things we celebrate; it has served to reinforce our relationship to each other.”   Eric Fischl

That is what Make Art Monday is all about. A time to gather as artists and friends to celebrate making art. We started this program to have a way of learning about other mediums, styles, techniques, etc… while having fun along the way.

We have painted pumpkins, done collage, found object art, created luminaires, holiday carPalletds, drawn portraits, worked with colored pencils, and all the time we had fun.

Each month is a different art project and you can find out about it on our calendar which is attached to this page.  But here is a preview of some of the projects:

November 20th  – Autumnal/Thanksgiving still life – Bring your own media.

December 18th – Luminaires – Bring your imagination and your own glass container or use one of ours. Tissue paper, glue, and glitter will be provided.

January 18th – Victorian Valentines – We will be looking at and creating our own versions of the Victorian period Valentine cards.

February 19th – Pen & Ink  – We will be having fun drawing & painting with ink.

March 19th – Colored Pencils – Come and learn about colored pencils and how they are no longer just for kids.

April 16th – Earth Day Theme – found object Art or “Recycled Sculptures”

May 21st – yarn Painting – We had so much fun with it last year we are bringing it back this May.

So come on out to St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church at 211 S. Main St in North Wales, PA for an evening of fun and Making Art.

All sessions start at 7:00 P.M.


Children’s Books and how they are created – Presented by Glenn Zimmer

On November 1st, the North Penn Arts Alliance will have a presentation by Glenn Zimmer, Illustrator and Children’s Book Author. Glenn also is working as an illustrator for clients such as MaGZ Illustratorjor League Baseball, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Great Lakes Publishing, Rich Brands, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and Thomson/West Publishing. His children’s work has been published by Compass Publishing and Hachai Publishing. He has also taught at Cabrini College and The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and currently serves as senior portfolio advisor for Moore College of Art’s Illustration Department. He is member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Bucks County Illustrators Society.  The presentation will be held at the Lansdale Public Library, 301 Vine Street, Lansdale, PA. The presentation will start at 7:00 P.M in the Library Community room.

more details»  copy to my calendar»

Make Art Mondays are Back

Our “Make Art Monday” events are back this year. On the third Monday of each month we will gather for the purpose of making art and having fun while doing it. We meet at the Fellowship Hall of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church at 211 S. Main St., North Wales, PA. We meet at 7 p.m and we create art until 9 p.m.

Our first event involves Portraits, self portraits that is. A self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by that artist. Although self-portraits have been made since the earliest times, it is not until the Early Renaissance in the mid-15th century that artists can be frequently identified depicting themselves as either the main subject, or as important characters in their work. With better and cheaper mirrors, and the advent of the panel portrait, many painters, sculptors and printmakers tried some form of self-portraiture. Portrait of a Man in a Turban by Jan van Eyck of 1433 may well be the earliest known panel self-portrait. He painted a separate portrait of his wife, and he belonged to the social group that had begun to commission portraits, already more common among wealthy Netherlanders than south of the Alps. The genre is venerable, but not until the Renaissance, with increased wealth and interest in the individual as a subject, did it become truly popular.

So on Monday, September 18th, bring a mirror and your favorite medium and have some fun doin a self portrait with others. If you can’t choose a medium, we will have pencils and paper available.

Cost: $5.00 ti cover rental and expenses.

“I loathe my own face, and I’ve done self portraits because I’ve had nobody else to do.” -Francis Bacon 1909 – 1992