Art Makes the Perfect Gift.

How many of you are still looking for the perfect gift? Have you considered the gift of Art?  A photograph or photograph session of a loved one is a way to get the portrait you would like to have on display. It is more expedient,  because to do an oil painting would require time for the paints to cure on the canvas. Although you may consider a watercolor or acrylic portrait, however time is tight. Instead consider looking at a local artist’s work that may be on display at the local Library, business office or restaurant. You may find something that will suit your needs of the perfect gift. Better yet contact us at 215 393 9110 or e-mail us at  and we may be able to put you in touch with a local artist.

Maybe your loved one has been looking for art classes, well we can help. The North Penn Arts Alliance offers several different art classes with the North Penn School District’s Continuing Education Program. Classes are currently wrapping up but we will have more starting on February 25th and continuing for 8 to 10 weeks depending upon the class. We are also offering several 5 week workshops for art journaling and figure drawing.  You can  oreviewur classes blow and you can register online at  


The above photos are projects from some of our Saturday Just for Kids classes.

All of our classes and workshops with the CEP program are held at the North Penn High School.

Blow is a list of all of our classes:




Winter  SPRING 2017

Adult & Teen Art Classes

Adult Multi Media: Ages 15 -Adult

Instructor: Barbara Moss Buscher, NPAA

Day / Time: Monday. 7 – 9 PM

Start Date: 2/27/17.  10 weeks

Fee: $118

Description: Not sure what medium you are interested in? This class is for you.  Working in different mediums, which may include pen & ink, printmaking, watercolor, collage, fabric arts, and sculpture you will create original works of art.

A $40 materials fee will be payable to instructor on first night of class. Please bring pencil and notepaper to class.


Watercolor –  Ages 15 – Adult

Instructor: Barbara Moss Buscher, NPAA

Day/Time: Tuesday, 7-9PM.

Start Date:  2/28/17.  10 weeks

Fee: $118

Description: Learn color theory and composition basics. Working with color harmonies, experience the fluidity of the medium. Various subject matter, including your own photos, still life, and your imagination, experiment with various painting techniques.  Bring pencil & paper to classes. All levels welcome. A $70 materials fee payable to instructor at first class. Registration due by 2/14 so supplies can be ordered.


Sculpture – New Class!!

Instructor: Heidie Ambrose, NPAA

Day/Time: Tuesday, 7-9pm

Start Date: 2/28/17.  10 weeks

Fee: $118

Description: An introductory course to multimedia sculpture will start off with individual projects and end with larger collaborative pieces using found objects. No previous experience required, come for the fun!

A $20 materials fee payable to instructor at first class.



Instructor:  Julianna Lange & Cara Wilson, NPAA

Day / Time: Thursday,  7 – 9 PM.

Start Date : 3/2/17.  8 weeks

Fee: $118

Description:  Intro into hand building; pinch, coil and slab methods. Explore new techniques with both red clay, which is native to our area, and white clay. Open studio for advanced students. Basic potter’s wheel available for experienced students. All levels welcome. A $45 materials fee which includes firing time is payable to instructor at first class. Registration must be in by 2/16/17 to allow for ordering of supplies.



Figure Drawing-New Class!!

Instructor: Caroline Niesley, NPAA

Day/Time: Thursday, 7-9 pm.

Start Date: 3/2/17.  5 weeks

Fee: $72

Description: Draw a professional model, step by step with instructor for 4 classes. First class: artistic anatomy, techniques & supplies. Begin a portfolio. All levels welcome. A $40 model fee is payable to instructor at first class.


Graphic Novel/Journaling – New Class!!

Instructor: Caroline Niesley, NPAA

Day/ Time: Thursday, 7-9 pm

Start Date: 4/27/17.  5 weeks

Fee: $72

Description: Illuminate a book. Topics: Sketchbooks, journals, sequential drawing, exotic papers, wet/dry color mediums, pens, photos, collage, paste up, calligraphy & typography. All levels welcome. Supplies determined by student.



Art Explorations –Multi Media – Grades K – 6

Instructor: Debbie Celenza, NPAA

Start Date: 2/25/17. 8 weeks

Day/Time:   Saturday,    2 Sessions available: 9 AM- 10:30 AM or 11AM- 12:30PM

Fee: $112

Description: Create artwork using a variety of techniques & mediums which may include paints, printmaking, pastels, markers, clay and more. Two and Three Dimensional projects which may include seasonal themes will be included. Classes geared to all levels. Materials included in fee.


 Cartooning – Ages 6-18

Instructor: Caroline Neisley,NPAA

Start Date: 2/25/17. 8 weeks

Day/Time: Saturday, 9 – 10:30 AM.

Fee: $112

Description: Learn about penciling, inking, materials, Manga & American character design, action poses, storytelling, drawing, & making comics. Fee includes most materials.


Beginner Drawing for Kids –  Grades 2-5

Instructor: Dan Fione, NPAA

Start Date: 2/25/17.  8 weeks

Time: Saturday, 9AM – 10:30AM

Fee: $112

Description: Learn drawing basics including line, form, contrast and perspective. Both black & white and color media may be explored. Fee includes materials.


Drawing for Kids – Grades 6 and up.

Instructor: Dan Fione , NPAA

Start date:2/25/17.  8weeks

Time: Saturday, 11AM-12:30PM

Fee: $112

Description: Students will review basic drawing concepts, then learn to develop and refine these skills using both black & white as well as color mediums, such as pencil, charcoal, pastel and more. Fee includes materials.


Oil/ Acrylics–Age 10-Adult

Instructor: William Letvenko

Start Date:2/25/17.   10 weeks

Time: 11AM-1PM

Fee: $118

Description: Beginning and skilled artists will learn basic oil painting techniques, color theory, composition and rules of perspective. Parents are required to attend first class with school-aged children for information regarding materials needed. Fee includes one canvas board.


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