We wish you an “Artful New Year!”

As we come to the end of 2016, we at the North Penn Arts Alliance wish you all an Artful New Year.

 What this means is that Art should be a part of everyone’s life. After all, you see some form of art every day. In a magazine or newspaper you see photographs and advertisements that draw your attention. In books and even on web pages you see illustrations that define what the author is saying.  Even on the streets you see architecture and design that was incorporated a long time ago.

 Art is essential to problem solving, creativity, even the generation of ideas.  Many ideas were brought about by a scribble on a napkin or memo pad. So as we go forward into this New Year, think about the arts and what they mean to you. Art, whether it be as visual as a painting, a mural, a drawing or a sculpture, it draws attention to an area.


Performing arts also draw people to the community. A blending of both visual and performing arts within the same community would draw more people to the community. When this happens, local businesses thrive, restaurants, shops and the many storefronts that abide in the community. All enjoy the profits that the arts bring to the community.

Art provides an outlet for children and adults. It allows them to express themselves and socialize with others that they may not have if there were no arts programs. Art also allows them to learn and in some cases teach what they have learned. Performing arts teach interaction and timing skills. portrait-night

 So how does one support the arts in these economic times?  Besides the usual means of support of taxes and collections by art groups, there are other ways of supporting the arts in the community. One is by becoming a member of a local arts organization, such as the North Penn Arts Alliance. Most of these organizations are a mix of artists and those that enjoy the arts. Other means of support is a letter writing campaign to the local councils and commissioners in support of community art programs, as suggestions for art based programs, fiscal and expertise contributions, and to generate programs and events such as concerts, contests or anything to expand the art base within the community. 

 We at the North Penn Arts Alliance will do what we have done for these many past years and as we move towards our 30th year anniversary, will continue to encourage art within the community. Members will have art shows in the area either solo or collectively as the group. Our teachers are preparing to teach the Community Education Art Classes at the North Penn High School during the Spring Semester. We also hold a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at the Lansdale Library, 301 Vine St., Lansdale.  At these meetings we strive to have an artist or someone in the art community make a presentation. Also, the North Penn Arts Alliance have two hour workshops that we call, “Make Art Mondays”, at St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church at 211 S. Main St., North Wales, PA.  2012_09060030.JPG

 Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  We at the North Penn Arts Alliance can help.

We invite you to look at our pages, some of our members art, and join us at a meeting or event, but most of all we wish you “An Artful New Year!”

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