What happens in the Moravian Tile Works?

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the walls of the Moravian Tile Works? Did you know that it is on the National Historic Register and that it is maintained as a “working history” museum by Pennsylvania’s County of Bucks, Department of Parks and Recreation? Did you know that NPAA member Julianna Lange works there?

Moravian Tile Works 3

Join us on January 3rd at the Lansdale Public Library, 301 Vine St., Lansdale at 7:00 p.m to learn some of the secrets of the factory and the tiles created by Henry Mercer. Julianna is a professional Ceramic Artist and currently works at the Moravian Tile Factory. Julianna has studied in Italy and other places around the world to learn as much as she can about clay and different ways to create ceramics. Tonight’s presentation will be primarily on the Tile Works and the designs of the tiles created by Henry Mercer who also created Fonthill and the Mercer Museum which houses his large collection of antique tools and trade goods.

Then if you are interested, on January 13th, we will be traveling to the Moravian Tile Works and at 10:00 a.m. we will get an exclusive tour by non-other than Julianna Lange.



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